Gale Construction Company steadfastly works to maintain our 100% safety record. Our good safety record reflects the quality of management, supervision and our work force. It also serves to promote our business and thereby contributes to the continuous growth and success of Gale Construction Company.

Under the leadership of Mike Gale, Director of Operations, GCC has made safety of our personnel a priority. We want every GCC team member to feel safe and valued. Gale Construction Company has developed a safety program of toolbox talks, education, and a safety incentive program. Every member of our team has 30-hour OSHA training including our office staff.

Every worksite, be it civil or vertical construction, has unique challenges. GCC tailors each contract work-site plan to meet the needs of our clients and onsite personnel. We involve our subcontractors in our safety plan development and communicate daily our expectations of site safety.

Gale Construction Company's EMR is .91